ANEMOI is a show inspired by the elements of nature, their movement, and their connection with the human being. The cause of all things is in the first material substance: fire. This eternal fire of birth and destruction is joined by wind, water, and metal. This permanent mobility is based on a structure of opposites.
Contradiction is at the origin of all things. The conflict of opposites generates a harmony present in nature and human affairs (light and darkness, heat and cold, man and woman) that gives meaning and richness to existence.

Original idea and direction: Esther Tablas

Choreography: Esther Tablas

Guest choreographers:
Laura Fúnez
Conchi Jiménez
Javier Sánchez

Maureen Choi / David Peña Dorantes / entre otros

· Enrique Arias
· Lucía Fernández
· Laura Fúnez
· José Ángel Capel
· Conchi Jiménez
· Ana Del Rey

Costumes: Carmen Granel

Lighting Design: Álex Mantua

Photography: marcosGpunto

Production: Rajatabla Producciones S.L