Danza Esporádica

Danza Esporádica is a show that analyzes our eagerness to leave our mark through five dancers of different ages and vital moments who tell us about their dreams and concerns, their plans for the future, and their demands.
The meta-theatrical scenic framework is the premiere of a dance piece and what happens around it. The day-to-day rehearsals and the dance scenes of the show itself are intermingled, showing the humanity of a profession, dance, idealized in the collective imagination and full of negative clichés that we would like to disprove.

Original idea and direction: Esther Tablas
Stage direction: Juan Carlos Mestre
Choreography and interpretation: Laura Fúnez / Lucía López / Cristel Muñoz / Esther Tablas / Ana del Rey
Texts and dramaturgy: Juan Carlos Mestre y Esther Tablas (basados en experiencias de las bailarinas de este elenco)
Voice on Off: Ana Pascual / 
Ana del Rey
Lucía López / Juan Carlos Mestre

Folklore specialist: Lucía López
Contemporary music: Josete Ordoñez / Joan Valent
Flamenco music:
· Guitar: Antonio González
· Singing: José Luis Hernández
· Hand Clapping: Laura Fúnez

Scenic space and costume design: Mónica Teijeiro
Sound space design: Mar Navarro
Lighting design: Olga García (A.A.I.)

Photography: marcosGpunto
Production:Rajatabla Producciones S.L