The company

Rajatabla Danza, under the direction of Esther Tablas, is a constant dialogue, a moving conversation, a game of contemporary creation that respects tradition. The tradition of Spanish dance is transformed and its topicality is reflected on stage.

Esther Tablas invents meaningful practices, generates movements to be understood, and presents all the different directions in which the performer can dance.

The company investigates the choreographic fact, bringing with it the possibility of displacing the dance and responding to its context. It questions and connects the spectator with his role: it reflects with him on his history, his tastes, and his present.

Rajatabla Danza began its journey in 2007, debuting with its first work, ``Enfermedades del Silencio``, at the ``XVI Contest of Choreography of Spanish Dance and Flamenco``.

Founded by Esther Tablas and Antonio C. Guijosa, the company produced theatre and dance works until 2013. During this period, their productions developed from ideas and shared aesthetics to both performing arts.

With Esther Tablas as director, Rajatabla is focusing exclusively on dance

Maintaining its original mission: to use dramaturgy that addresses the concerns and problems of contemporary society and to explore different plastic and musical languages for the creation of contemporary Spanish dance shows.

Esther Tablas, with a solid background in dance, theatre, set design, and architecture, her work is characterized by the use of dramaturgical language that addresses the concerns and challenges of contemporary society, always maintaining Spanish dance as the core of her physical expression.

Since 2013 she has been the artistic director of Rajatabla Danza

Where she has created shows such as #am@r, Nora, Anemoi, Anemoi-Street View, and Danza Esporádica, through continuous research into contemporary movement in the four forms of Spanish dance.